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About us


Nereda Kola

PR & Events

Lifestyle defines how we approach our personalities expressing the way we make choices on all aspects that represent us in one way or another. It could be also considered as a life concept we all of us have unconsciously implemented through the years and automated back on mind.

If we could just get some time with us today, maybe sitting at home with some good coffee, it might would be a starting point towards rethinking our life-style so far displayed, not necessarily opposite but just including this time our desires,  those we have left somehow outside the life.

Starting from the choices we make daily on how we take care our persons physically to the way we select the beauty products and the dress items we choose to get for a night out, we can embark on a lifestyle attitude that highlight our unique profile.

The lifestyle magazine by Melior Resorts is a showcase of the personality and character since many decades now our philosophy stands for and thus we could not be happier to mirror our presence with exclusive personalities reflecting our lifestyle status quo.”